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IBM Silver Business Partner
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Explore Workcentric’s industry-focused solutions built to address industry-specific needs

Leading Industry Transformation Through Innovation

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It’s time to be a market leader in your industry

Have better insight on how the industry is evolving and equip yourself with market-leading solutions to effectively run your business while driving technological innovations

Real Estate

Real Estate

To manage a gamut of projects, employees, and clients is an on-going challenge among real estate developers.


Workcentric’s Real Estate Industry Solutions let you manage your business using the best tools designed to fast-track innovation, steer performance and improve customer experience. Our pre-selling, project, after-sales and back-end solutions can serve both as stand-alone tools or integrated with each other to provide seamless experiences to customers and employees alike.



Tight margins, volatile markets and shifting customer demands face retailers daily and technology holds the key to thrive in this market.

Workcentric's Retail DX Solutions is a suite of products ranging from eCommerce & customer support, to marketing promotions, to analytics solutions for planning, store profitability, and customer insights, to augmented reality/virtual reality. In addition, cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, beacons, and artificial intelligence-based bots for chat/voice conversations and processing.



Handling various patient inquiries on doctor and service availability can be a challenge, especially when received simultaneously.

Receive and respond to messages using chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of our customer relationship management tool, QuickReach. Get to manage all inquiries in one platform and conveniently respond to FAQs such as clinic times, available service types and schedules through social media.



Continuous adaptability to technology is one of the challenges travel companies are facing today. Without a mobile solution, a travel company may lose sales as competitors already allow bookings through mobile devices.

Chatbots and AI are powerful tools to keep a business reachable and operational 24/7. Allow customers to book flights with you via e-mail or instant messaging and save on response time and human effort by leveraging chatbots and AI.

Protect your IT assets to avoid interrupting innovation

The Top Choice for Enterprise Digital Transformation in the Philippines

Workcentric is a pioneering provider of end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions in the Philippines. Its offerings span digital transformation consulting, agile software product engineering, analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Large enterprises and government institutions in the Philippines are steadily embracing innovation across their organizations, and Workcentric has all the right ingredients to fuel that innovation – strategy, design, and technology expertise.

WorkCentric Logo.png
IBM Silver Business Partner
2017 Software Business Partner of the Year | 2017 Analytics Business Partner Award | 2017 Recognition of Performance as Security Business Partner
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