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Comprehensive Solutions for Retail and Real Estate from Workcentric

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Comprehensive Solutions for Retail and Real Estate from Workcentric

Workcentric is now offering comprehensive solutions for the retail and real estate industries. These solutions are designed to help retail and real estate companies increase efficiencies and drive better customer, employee and partner engagement.

Workcentric Analytics Solutions Platform (WASP) Retail

Workcentric Analytics Solutions Platform (WASP) Retail

Retailers face huge challenges every day -- intense competition, demanding consumers with higher expectations and fast-changing trends. To stay relevant and profitable, retailers need tools that will help provide them with a better understanding of what their customers want and a clearer picture of the business to improve efficiencies.

Workcentric Analytics Solutions Platform for Retail (WASP Retail) is a comprehensive analytics tool that can be integrated with retail point of sales. It provides a visual performance dashboard covering sales and spend across products and locations, helping retailers manage inventory better and drive better forecast accuracy. It also results in a more optimized supply chain process as it enables retailers to make better, data-driven decisions.

To learn more about WASP Retail, click here.

Workcentric Real Estate Solutions

Workcentric Real Estate Solutions

The Philippine real estate industry is currently booming. With the influx of foreign investments in real estate and soaring local demand, real estate developers are in a flurry to complete current projects and start new ones. Workcentric provides developers with tools to help in every stage of the real estate development process --- from construction to marketing to sales to after sales.

The Build Stage

Planning and managing a real estate project is a complex challenge with various moving parts. To ensure better efficiencies, Workcentric offers an integrated set of tools that facilitates project management, tracks costs and spend, as well as effectively manages contracts, suppliers and inventory. These solutions help developers and construction firms automate procurement, execute project cost accounting, track construction inventory and help site managers better oversee their projects.

Sales & Marketing

The best way to increase real estate sales is by making it easier for your brokers or sales people to deal with you. This means enabling them to quickly find out which properties are available, making it easy for them to get information on these properties, and making their commissions visible to them. In addition, with a lot of buyers coming from overseas, having a ready-made web portal where customers can easily view the available properties online and lets customers inquire online is a plus.

Workcentric has various solutions to facilitate customer and seller/broker engagement and to showcase the listings you may have. It also offers kiosks that can be used to market real estate properties in malls or other areas with high pedestrian traffic.

After Sales

Property management entails close engagement with residents or tenants. It requires fast resolution to the multitude of issues that residents or tenants face as well as easier collection of the different dues or fees that needs to be paid. Workcentric offers a Property Admin Portal that allows property managers to quickly manage customer concerns as well as digitize invoice issuance and billing. It also offers a portal that buyers can use to promote properties that they intend re-sell or lease out.

To learn more about Workcentric Real Estate Solutions, click here.


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