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Build a resilient shield from intrusion for your networks, applications, and devices in order to operate and innovate continuously

Security for the Future of Your Business

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Guard Your Company’s Assets To Always Stay Competitive

Manage the risks of running a globally-connected organization and gain information security assurance to protect all of your stakeholders with Workcentric’s Cybersecurity services


Application Security

Secure all applications, whether bought or built in-house, which may contain vulnerabilities that attackers can use to infiltrate your network

App Code Analysis

Identify software vulnerabilities before it is actually implemented or installed. Testing tools to detect threats and the negative impact these threats can cause to business effectivity and revenues.

App Control

Monitor the software running on your employees’ devices and get to control which applications are permitted to be installed.


Network Security​

Protect the usability and integrity of your network and data by detecting a variety of threats and stop them from entering or spreading throughout your network

Network Security​

Protect the usability and integrity of your network and data by detecting a variety of threats and stop them from entering or spreading throughout your network

Firewall/Perimeter Security

As internet-based threats become more powerful, have a formidable barrier between a trusted and an untrusted network to prevent loss of data, revenue, brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Security Information & Event Management

Comprehensively collect data from multiple sources and detect deviations from the norm to roll out appropriate security measures that prevent or stop attacks in progress

Penetration Tests

See your systems in a hacker or a network security professional’s point of view to learn where and how to improve your network security posture


Endpoint Security​

Ensure that the people who work with you stay productive while using their personal devices and applications without being compromised

Patch Management

Implement consistent, comprehensive, timely patch management to improve your security posture - rapidly and dramatically

Identity & Access Management

Effectively authenticate user identities and manage access to corporate resources to improve operational efficiency and productivity, simplify regulatory compliance, and enhance employee satisfaction

App & Device Control

Provide administrators the ability to monitor and control the behavior of each application and device used

Unified Endpoint Management

Simplify the fortification, monitoring, and controlling of personal computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices by doing these from one console

Web, Email, & Data Leak Prevention

Identify potential data breaches and stop them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in use, in motion or even at rest

Data Encryption

Protect data in all states - whether at rest or in transit - and ensure that its integrity is maintained across different devices


Cloud Security​

Provide your company with the availability, reliability, and security they need to conduct business and augment existing security measures for your physical infrastructure

Data Leak Protection

Protect sensitive data at rest, in-transit, and on endpoints to lessen the possibility of data theft or unauthorized exposure through deep content analysis.

Email Security

Secure e-mail content by having a reliable e-mail security system that scans email and their attachments in thoroughly, ensuring the most up-to-date protection against email-borne attacks.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Gain insight on cloud application use, identify illegal use, and ensure that the network flow between on-premises devices and the cloud provider is aligned with your organization’s security guidelines

Protect yout IT assets to avoid interrupting innovation


Workcentric partners only with the leading providers of cybersecurity technologies & solutions


BigFix Endpoint Management

Resilient Incident Response

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Solution

Web, Email, and Cloud Security

Insider Threat Security (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

Cybersecurity Intelligence (CSI)

Enhanced Web and E-mail Security

Unified Endpoint Management

Patch Management

App Whitelisting

IT Service Management

IT Asset Management

Identity Audit and Compliance Manager

Identity Manager

Privilege Identity Manager

Data Governance Manager

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Device Control

App Control

Endpoint Websecurity

Data Encryption

Security Fabric

Next-Generation Firewalls

Sandboxing and DB Security

Switches and Wireless Access Point

Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker

Wedge Malware Analyzer

Wedge IQ

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Workcentric is a pioneering provider of end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions in the Philippines. Its offerings span digital transformation consulting, agile software product engineering, analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Large enterprises and government institutions in the Philippines are steadily embracing innovation across their organizations, and Workcentric has all the right ingredients to fuel that innovation – strategy, design, and technology expertise.

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