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IBM Silver Business Partner
2017 Software Business Partner of the Year | 2017 Analytics Business Partner Award | 2017 Recognition of Performance as Security Business Partner

Analytics gives you both the hindsight and the foresight to make better business decisions

Your Secret Weapon in Winning over Competition

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Making Data Work To Your Advantage

Tougher competition is changing business ecosystems. Get lightning-speed access to information, optimize products & services, and anticipate changing market needs through Workcentric’s Analytics services


Analytics & Business Intelligence

Build customized, business-focused solutions with us to help generate more insights on your customers and performance. Our solutions cater various industries and functions.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Convey trusted information for a single version of the truth for better decision-making. Understand data through different ways of visualization and medium that our solution can deliver, including mobile technologies.

Financial Planning & Forecasting

Financial Planning & Forecasting

Tackle budgeting and planning requirements with ease. Lay out unlimited what-if scenarios from your historical data and have the competency to do rolling forecast without compromising performance.

Financial Governance

Financial Governance

Produce internal and external management documents such as annual and quarterly reports accurately and on time. Eliminate data inaccuracies and provide a full audit trail on documenting who made changes on a centralized environment.


Data Integration​

Workcentric can integrate data from different data sources using top-rated data integration tools

Extract, Transform, & Load

Extract, Transform, & Load

Get the right information to the right people at the right time. Integrate, analyze, transform and optimize various types of data sources.



Benefit from fast application to application data integration through Enterprise Service Bus / Service Oriented Architecture

Build a stronger, data-driven organization with Workcentric


Workcentric partners only with the leading providers of analytics technologies & solutions

IBM Business Analytics – Cognos BI, Cognos TM1, CDM, SPSS

IBM Information Management – DB2, Netezza, Datastage

IBM Smarter Cities

IBM Industry Solutions

IBM Silver Business Partner

SAP Business Analytics – Business Objects

SAP Technology – Sybase IQ


DW Desktop

DW Server


Office 365



The Top Choice for Enterprise Digital Transformation in the Philippines

Workcentric is a pioneering provider of end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions in the Philippines. Its offerings span digital transformation consulting, agile software product engineering, analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Large enterprises and government institutions in the Philippines are steadily embracing innovation across their organizations, and Workcentric has all the right ingredients to fuel that innovation – strategy, design, and technology expertise.

WorkCentric Logo.png
IBM Silver Business Partner
2017 Software Business Partner of the Year | 2017 Analytics Business Partner Award | 2017 Recognition of Performance as Security Business Partner
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