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Get reliable, end-to-end software product engineering services that fast-track innovation

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Realizing visions, one line of code at a time

Leveraging on 17 years of experience in building commercial software products for clients around the world, we bring together a team of Microsoft-certified engineers, proven agile engineering practices, and knowledge of Lean Startup implementation to turn ideas to real-life solutions.

Big talent Pool


Build your team from over 120 Microsoft-certified professionals ensuring  the highest quality of work

Flexible & Scalable


The Agile-SCRUM development framework leads to prompt delivery and responsiveness to constant changes

Beyond Coding


We offer technology and business consulting services to help you in solving various product development challenges


Our expertise in software product engineering addresses

shorter product development periods, nimble innovation, and rising costs

Lean Startup MVP

The Lean Startup method is a principled, scientific approach in coming up with sustainable products. It teaches how to grow a business by having a methodology around product development and providing tools to test visions thus reducing uncertainties.

Solution Architecting

Develop solutions that fit within your enterprise architecture. We combine guidance from different enterprise architecture standpoints, such as from the business, information and technical perspectives, as well as from the enterprise solution architecture (ESA) that ensure quality resolutions that address specific organizational requirements.


Have a clear reference on your business goals, requirements and activities and maintain projects efficiently with proper software documentation.

Documentation lets you facilitate the use and development of software product or services which includes source code, instructional items, etc. that allow smoother collaboration..

Tech Viability R&D

Evaluate and test the technical feasibility of the latest technologies on software products or processes to enhance efficiency and performance

Application Development

Accurately build applications with our team of agile software engineers that are adept in the following technologies: .NetCore, C#, SQL, TypeScript, HTML5/CSS3, AspNetCore, EntityFrameworkCore, Azure Cloud Services, Java, and Swift.

App Maintenance

Keeping up with new technologies and advancements is essential to set your products apart from competitors. This brings the need for these products to evolve and keep up with industry trends

 Have a dedicated team to constantly update your product and ensure that it runs continuously

UI/UX Design

Optimize products by enhancing user experience. We offer intuitive, informational, and creative user interface design services that combine creativity and technical expertise in different user interface technologies.

This will effectively communicate information and functionality your system wants to convey to your target users.

Testing & QA

We offer a full range of Software Quality Testing services designed to detect bugs, errors and defects, certifying high-quality and reliable software products that meet or even exceed expectations

App Modernization

Outdated technology may cause delay in achieving IT or business potential.

App modernization prepares businesses for the future by improving applications’ usability, functionality, and accessibility for better agility and efficiency.


Our commitment to innovation mirrors the high-quality outcome of every service it delivers, catering to all platforms and adopting today’s latest technologies


Allow users to access apps instantly and skip the download-and-install process. The web as a platform also has the advantage of making it easy for developers to update apps by easily installing new versions of the app on the web server that become instantly available to users.

Augmented Reality

Provide users with immersive experience through solutions that create augmented and virtual realities.  We offer AR/VR development services that can be used to enrich experiences in a plethora of applications – from transforming businesses to revolutionizing education.

Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Poised to change how brands interact with consumers, as well as the way products are designed and launched, using chatbots for businesses now means responding to customers faster than your competitors, saving on administrative costs, and exponentially improving customer engagement.


Have mobile as a platform if your target users need to be able to access the app anywhere and at any time. This platform promotes efficiency as mobile apps run locally on users’ devices, certifying speed and responsiveness.

Internet of Things

IoT is about connecting devices over the Internet, allowing them to work together efficiently. Now already used across industries, IoT has improved and automated business processes leading to cost savings and improved customer experience.

The possibilities and opportunities for connections are endless with this technology. Use it to streamline operations, shorten production time, and get ahead in your market.


Desktop as a platform offers the richest user experience among others. Desktop is also a good platform for apps that need to be highly responsive such as illustration programs and games.

Machine Learning

Machine learning uses algorithms with the capacity to learn from data. It can analyze and uncover insights even without being explicitly programmed where to specifically pull information.

With new computing technologies, machine learning today can analyze bigger volumes of complex data and ultimately generate accurate results in no time. For businesses, it means having the ability to make data-driven decisions and actions faster, without human intervention.

Build your next intellectual property with us


Workcentric uses tried-and-tested platforms to build software products, and it also dabbles with cutting-edge technologies to be at the forefront of the fast-paced changes in the software landscape

The Top Choice for Enterprise Digital Transformation in the Philippines

Workcentric is a pioneering provider of end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions in the Philippines. Its offerings span digital transformation consulting, agile software product engineering, analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Large enterprises and government institutions in the Philippines are steadily embracing innovation across their organizations, and Workcentric has all the right ingredients to fuel that innovation – strategy, design, and technology expertise.

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