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Build an intelligent organization with RPA

Automate processes to save on expenses, reduce work time, and deliver better experiences


Let RPA drive your business to success

RPA is a software designed to remember and interpret actions of applications. Once it has understood and mapped out each process, it can automatically carry out transactions for you, use data to generate responses, and connect with other systems to complete tasks.

Extended Productivity


RPA enables services to be available 24/7, helping in addressing requests immediately and boosting customer satisfaction

Better Efficiency & Speed


Get more things done faster using less resources. This allows skilled employees to focus on higher-value work rather on mundane tasks.

Higher Quality at Lower Cost


Cut down on administrative costs and back office operations by automating repetitive manual processes to produce higher-quality output


Robotic Process Automation can be applied to a myriad of industries and use cases, benefiting customers and employees in many ways

Accounting & Finance

RPA brings great competence in the Finance & Accounting (F&A) industry as its traditional methods evolve around manual procedures that transpire to be inefficient and time-consuming. With automation, rule-based tasks can lead to cost reductions, while increasing customer satisfaction by delivering speedy and error-free service.


RPA is effective in allowing communication between different systems as it covers all integration benefits by default, eliminating manual data entry and giving more time for healthcare professionals to attend to patients.


RPA can help in strategizing better allocation of resources by automating complex processes, freeing up employees from doing menial tasks and allowing more time to engage with customers. Automation helps in bank processing cost reduction and takes tedious workload away, allowing a more hands-on customer relationship.


New market players are now successfully paving their way into the industry, sparking competition with big players. It is apparent that automation plays an important role in the insurance companies’ duty to maintain regulatory compliance, at the same time providing modified products for customer needs to improve their service.

Call Centers

Customers value the experience they get from customer support representatives which shape their opinion on brands. RPA can systematize important parts of providing customer support by ensuring consistent messaging and elimination of duplicated efforts for a faster resolution of the concerns raised by customers.


Speed to client service, like service activation or device delivery, is important in providing great customer experiences in the telco sector. RPA helps ensure that personalized, consistent experiences are delivered. It also fosters quick adoption of leading IT and telecom industry standards that will save employees’ time.

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Workcentric is a pioneering provider of end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions in the Philippines. Its offerings span digital transformation consulting, agile software product engineering, analytics and business intelligence, and cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Large enterprises and government institutions in the Philippines are steadily embracing innovation across their organizations, and Workcentric has all the right ingredients to fuel that innovation – strategy, design, and technology expertise.

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