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Workcentric hosts forum on Agile Digital Transformation for Finance Leaders

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Workcentric hosts forum on Agile Digital Transformation for Finance Leaders

Digital Transformation is often perceived as an overwhelming venture. In this digital, mobile and global village we are living in, there is a perpetuating need to gauge whether one should continue doing business as usual or disrupt their own business in order to more effectively meet customer demands and expectations.

“Agile” in IT is a popular method in software management that allows teams to divide projects into shorter and faster phases of work, allowing frequent opportunities to reassess and adapt along the way.

With this, Workcentric’s Agile Digital Transformation for Finance Leaders forum held on March 6, 2018 at New World Makati Hotel aimed to paint a picture on how the application of the agile approach to Digital Transformation can help in finance.

Attended by Finance Leaders from different institutions and industries, the event featured Digital Transformation Consultant Joel Garcia, Workcentric Managing Director Aureo Castillo, and BlastAsia CEO and President Arup Maity who collectively imparted insights on agile digital transformation frameworks applicable to business, vision creation for customer experience using brand enabled by technology and successful customer experience transformation in finance.

The attendees had their chance to ask questions and share insights at the end of the session which were gladly addressed by the speakers.

This thought leadership event for finance leaders is aligned with Workcentric’s vision to empower companies and its leaders to move forward and accelerate success through the power of technology.


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