Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics

Workcentric specializes in customized, business-focused solutions that increases customer and actionable business insights for clients to create competitive advantage and increase shareholder value. We provide high value Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions across industries and functions.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Deliver trusted information for a single version of the truth so that decision makers can make better decision faster and at the right time. Understand data through different ways of visualization and medium that our solution can offer including mobile technologies.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

Solve all challenges in your budgeting and planning requirements. Do unlimited what-if scenarios from your historical data and have the capability to do rolling forecast without sacrificing performance.

Financial Governance

Produce internal and external management documents such as annual and quarterly reports accurately and on time. Eliminate data inaccuracies and provide a full audit trail on documenting who made changes on a centralized environment.

Data Integration

Workcentric can integrate data from different data sources using top rated data integration tools.

Extract, Transform and Load

Get the right information to the right people at the right time. Integrate, analyze, transform and optimize various types of data sources


Fast application to application data integration